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 THE ELITE Alliance Member Rules

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PostSubject: THE ELITE Alliance Member Rules   Sat Feb 20, 2010 2:28 am

  • Stay active. RED means KICK. If you are just a regular member, then you will be kicked out of the alliance especially if you never bothered to let anyone of the officers know about your reasons for being inactive. If you are an officer, you will be demoted. Depending on circumstances, you may re-apply for your position if it is still available. Otherwise, another deserving active member might be given your previous position.
  • Please donate at least one hour's worth of resources to the alliance daily. The resources you donate will be used to study the relevant Tech that the Court Officials have decided the alliance should study.
  • Set flag to BEST. This is entirely optional but setting your flag to BEST will easily identify your castle as a friend to exploring heroes of our alliance and our allies.
  • Do not attack friendly alliances. When attacking another player, make sure that they do not belong to an alliance that has friendly ties with our alliance, THE ELITE.
  • Do not attack stronger alliances than us. When attacking a player belonging to another alliance, make sure that alliance is not in the Top 20 and/or that it does not have more members than THE ELITE.

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THE ELITE Alliance Member Rules
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